Dems Vs. Libertarians

Workers at and at have given us their presidential picks. They make for interesting reading. All but one at Slate is backing Obama. What a surprise that is! Most folks at the Libertarian seem to either be backing Bob Barr or nobody. Quite a shock there too, eh?

But what strikes me about the statements of these people is how much more nutty the Libertarians seem compared to the Democrats. Yes, there are a few Democrats of the "Defeat McSame to end the Reich of Chimpy McHilterBurton!" variety at Slate, but generally the statements there seem well thought out and reasonable. In contrast, more of the statements at seem juvenile. Even one of the questions answered by each of the folks at "5. Leaving George W. Bush out of consideration, what former U.S. president would you most like to have waterboarded?" is really inappropriate. Good for Penn Jillette for saying so.

Is the Libertarian party to be taken seriously? I have my doubts. Consider their nominee, Bob Barr. The guy is a nut job. Can't they find a more reasonable candidate?

Generally, I support limited government and personal freedom. In theory, I should be sympathetic to Libertarian views. In practice though, the Libertarian party never fails to disappoint.