Rent Control

I ran across (in the now defunct New York Sun) this editorial on rent control in New York City:

Ms. Jagger's case underscores the way that the price controls on rent benefit a lucky and privileged few at the expense of ordinary New Yorkers. As even New York magazine — hardly a stronghold of free-market economics — put it, "Why the hell does someone like Bianca Jagger get to have a rent-stabilized apartment, anyway?" And Ms. Jagger is only the latest celebrity to cross our rent-control radar. In a July 8, 2005, editorial, "Cyndi Lauper's Rent," we noted that the 1980s pop-music icon was enjoying a four-bedroom apartment on West End Avenue at a government-fixed rent of $989 a month. In a December 5, 2005, editorial, "Boomerang," we recalled actress Mia Farrow's $2,900 a month, 11-room apartment on Central Park West.

I don't feel like going into the stupidity that is rent control at the moment. What I wanted to point to is this hilarious reply from Bianca Jagger.

My work in the areas of human rights, social and economic justice, climate change, and the death penalty has been almost entirely pro bono.

For 25 years, I have travelled the world, campaigning without remuneration for the rights of the underprivileged.

Wow! I'm amazed they have the nerve to make her pay rent at all! Read it if you are in the mood for a laugh.