Obama, in his own words

Dare I link to the DailyKos? Obama writes:

Let me be clear: I am not arguing that the Democrats should trim their sails and be more "centrist." In fact, I think the whole "centrist" versus "liberal" labels that continue to characterize the debate within the Democratic Party misses the mark. Too often, the "centrist" label seems to mean compromise for compromise sake, whereas on issues like health care, energy, education and tackling poverty, I don't think Democrats have been bold enough. But I do think that being bold involves more than just putting more money into existing programs and will instead require us to admit that some existing programs and policies don't work very well. And further, it will require us to innovate and experiment with whatever ideas hold promise (including market- or faith-based ideas that originate from Republicans).

Read it all. Found via Gateway pundit, under the title "At Daily Kos Hate Website Obama Told Far Left to Fool Public To Further Cause." I have to disagree with Gateway; I don't get that message from reading Obama's essay.

In fact, it makes me feel better about a potential Obama presidency.