Disinvitation frenzy

Why is Michelle Malkin, of all people, celebrating the disinvitation of Bill Ayers from U of NE? She's treating it like a conservative triumph.

This strikes me as terribly wrong-headed. As conservatives, we should stand up for all forms of speech. More often than not, it is conservatives who are disinvited. Just as we stand against the practice when it is used against our speakers, so should we be against it when it goes the other way.

This is not a feather in the conservative cap, a trophy for the wall. It is a sad day when conservatives applaud the death of anyone's ability to speak and be heard. As is always said when things like this go against us, the correct response to speech you don't like is not to silence the speaker, but to answer their speech with your own. Let Ayers speak, but answer his speech with more speech, not less.