Stretched Analogies

John Hinderaker reminds me a bit of Adolph Hitler. Hinderaker is not a murderer of millions of people, of course, but here is the analogy: Hitler had a passion for writing about politics, law and culture.

Seriously, I'm a big fan of PowerLine. Mr. Hinderaker and the others at PowerLine have done a great job over the past several years of writing well thought out articles on law, politics and culture. But the start of that post had me laughing out loud.

This just goes to show that once in a while everyone who extensively writes or speaks publicly is going to say something absurd. If the speaker is famous enough, these gaffes will be repeated by his or her opponents ad nauseum, in an attempt to characterize them as typical.

A case in point is Rush Limbaugh. I haven't listened to Rush very much, and don't care too much for his program, but from what I have listened to I think he is nothing like how he is portrayed by his opponents. He is on the air for several hours every day. Out of those thousands of on-air hours, opponents pull a couple of absurd sentences out and claim that's the real Rush. It's nonsense.