Just a reminder:

From this point forward in this election cycle "independent expenditures", meaning everything from buying lawn signs in bulk and giving them away to friends, to taking out your own ad in a newspaper to advocate for your preferred candidate, to standing on a street corner handing out too many hand-made fliers, is BANNED. Heck, if this were London, standing in Speakers' Corner expounding on politics would, literally, be a federal offense.

From this point forward, the politicians, led by the two politicians whose names are on the blasted bill--Russ Feingold and JOHN McCAIN, want you to shut the F up!

I watched the first half or so of John McCain's speech tonight under less-than-ideal circumstances: after bedtime, during its repeat airing, with 2 margaritas in me (or maybe those are ideal circumstances?), so my thinking was a bit fuzzy...but,

When he came onto the stage, all the hype and excitement of the previous Palin-day withered away. I was left with the man himself, the man standing on that stage and standing for election to the highest and most important post in this country and the world. I was left with the man whose politics and political instincts I generally despise and deplore.

Liberals love to blather about the Bush administration's gutting of our Rights, but there, standing on the stage at the RNC is the man most responsible for their biggest real-world; not liberal, fantasy-world; infringement: the McCain/Feingold Speech Suppression Act. I really, really can't stand that man, and though I had forgotten it for a long time--willful memory loss--seeing him standing there made it all come back to me.

I'll vote for him, just because the alternative is worse.

I'll vote for him, just because his judicial appointments will be a hair's-breadth better than Obama's.

I'll vote for him, just because the Federal government won't grow quite so big under his stewardship as Obama's.

I'll vote for him, just because he at least pays lip-service to controlling our borders before offering amnesty to illegal immigrants.

I'll vote for him, just because the big clothespin I'll be wearing on my nose on November 4 will be serving its function.