NY Times in Need of Lithium

New York Times Editorial:
Meanwhile, the Bush administration keeps raiding factories and farms, terrorizing immigrant families while exposing horrific accounts of workplace abuses. Children toil in slaughterhouses; detainees languish in federal lockups, dying without decent medical care. Day laborers are harassed and robbed of wages. An ineffective border fence is behind schedule and millions over budget. Local enforcers drag citizens and legal residents into their nets, to the cheers of the Minutemen.

Huh? Terrorizing people is bad. But isn't raiding factories to expose horrific abuses, like child labor, good? Who's getting robbed by whom? Laborers by employers? Laborers by George Bush? Who's dying in the lockup? So we should hurry up with that border fence? Citizens are being dragged off in nets? My head hurts...