Presidential Elections

I was watching some news report the other day, and saw a brief clip of McCain and Palin speaking in front of a store called "The Chocolate Factory." Hey! I thought, that looks like Cedarburg!

Sure enough, I looked it up and found out that McCain and Palin were in Cedarburg WI on the 5th of September. This got me to thinking about the positive aspects of the Electoral College. Despite the possibility of electing a President who gets fewer votes than his opponent, I think what "they" say about the College's up side is true. If the election were based on popular vote alone, I doubt you'd see McCain or any other candidate showing up in a small town like Cedarburg. Instead, candidates would just make a tour of large cities. I think it's great that our system forces the candidates to get out there and mix with a broader cross-section of the people. Have a corn dog at the State Fair. Check out a WalMart or two. Less arugula, more potato salad.

I also like the length of our campaigns. Sure, they get tiresome near the end, but a grueling campaign helps in figuring out which candidate can take the abuse he's going to get if elected. That's why the press' treating Obama with kid gloves didn't serve anyone's interest. Lately, I've come to think that Obama has a bit of a glass jaw. Too bad it took until September for that to be revealed. (See my sister's thoughts on this and related matters below.)