First Rule of Cross Examinations

Greg Mankiw points out that James Taranto points out this exchange between Paul Krugman, ABC's John Donvan, and a live audience. The topic is healthcare:
Krugman: --and I wanted to ask, actually two questions, to the audience. First, how many Canadians, would Canadians in the room please raise your hands. [One person applauds, laughter]

Donvan: We have about seven hands going up—

Krugman: OK, not as many as I thought. OK, of those of you who are not on the panel who are Canadians, how many of you think you have a terrible health care system. [pause] One, two--

Donvan: We see—almost all of the same hands going up. [laughter]

Krugman: Bad move on my part [applause]. I've got a selected--all right, I won't try it. But I will say, that--

Pretty amusing. Krugman seems to violate the Lawyer's First Rule of Cross Examinations: never ask a question if you are not sure what the answer would be. However, Mr. Krugman probably was sure about what the answer would be. He just got served a dose of cold reality.