Focus on Warming Bad for the Environment

I agree with this post at Climate-Skeptic:

...years from now, folks who would like to see meaningful reductions in man's negative impacts on the environment are going to look back on the global warming charade as a disaster for their movement -- not just in terms of credibility, but in terms of lost focus on real, meaningful improvements.
He's right. In particular he points to the emphasis on China's carbon emissions, rather than on its pollution and other environmental hazards, that latter being more readily solvable.

The argument is similar to Bjørn Lomborg's and his Copenhagen Consensus, that, that we should be focusing on solving problems in a way that gives us the most "bang for the buck." This general approach to addressing global health problems seems sensible to me.

I'm not sure what's driving the obsession with Global Warming; i.e. why it has become such a high priority. But I suspect that if the USA and Western European nations were still polluting to the extent that China is, we wouldn't be hearing about Global Warming at all.