O'Reilly Gone Nuts

Watching O'Reilly just now, he put blame on President Bush for "not warning the public. He didn't go out there and say `don't buy AIG, don't buy Lehman Brothers`." O'Reilly has lost it on this financial mess. Does he really think the President should review the nation's financial markets and then go out and "warn" the people about investments he thinks are bad? The idea is preposterous.

I've seen O'Reilly in this mode before, amid the Enron fiasco. My guess is then, as now, O'Reilly personally lost money and is upset about it. His anger at having lost money in the markets is driving his commentary.

On the other hand, he had Newt Gingrich on. I agree with much of what he said. He says more here. He also agrees with my dad about the mark-to-market rule.