Sarah Palin

I don't know much about Sarah Palin, McCain's choice for his VP running mate. Her name was certainly floating around out there as a potential candidate, so it wasn't a complete surprise. Still, it seems like a bold choice on McCain's part.

The question that first comes up is her experience. Some Republicans worry that her lack thereof means they can no longer criticise Obama's lack thereof. I don't think that is much of a point; if Obama's lack of experience were going to hurt him it would have done so already, during the Democratic primaries. On the other hand, the Democrats will find it difficult to criticize her lack of experience without drawing more attention to Obama's thin resume. And I think their claim that running for president counts as presidential experience is laughable.

What is certain is that the Republicans have been energized by this pick. There is a buzz around the right-wing blogosphere that the campaign outlook has changed, and changed for the better. I have no doubt that Palin will bring in more votes for McCain than Biden will bring in for Obama.

It should be an interesting couple of months ahead.