Missing men

(Cross posted from my ed blog "Square Dots".)

One of my favorite blogs--mostly because Mark Perry manages to find the data I try to search for and can never quite find--has a couple graphs on the missing men in higher education. It is stark and long-term scary:

His data source is the Department of Education.

Update: Some people commenting on Perry's post asked about breakdown by field of study. I found the data and graphed it here.

Update #2: I noticed these graphs have different y-axis ranges, which makes them difficult to compare to one another. I won't repost with a constant axis, but I will give the slope for the increase in women's percentage per year. This is how much the percentage of degrees going to women increases per year.

Bachelors: 0.36%
Masters: 0.46%
PhD's: 0.82%

It looks like women had more ground to catch up in the PhD field, but they are doing so faster than for the other two degrees. Their slowest percentage gain per year is for bachelors.