Stealing the show

Speaking of the theater, the 10 year old girl had her final theater show of the year. They did a stripped-down version of "The Lion King", with just the songs, and none of the words. Elizabeth was clearly the star of the show. She had two very large parts (the cast was small and lots of kids played multiple roles.) She was the bird "Zazu" who has a nice solo song, and "Pumbaa" the warthog, who has Hakuna Matata and is the comic relief of the show. Pumbaa's costume was ridiculous, and Elizabeth milked it for all it was worth. She really looked like she was enjoying herself, performed really well, and they gave her the final bow--to great applause from the small audience.

I highly recommend finding some kind of theater troupe for kids. It gives them amazing poise and confidence. At school, when there is any kind of presentation, the kids in Elizabeth's theater group really stand out.

Here are some pictures from the show (click to enlarge to 6x4 and 300ppi):