Elephant in the room

NPR this morning managed to do a piece on prison rape without mentioning inmate-on-inmate rape of men in prison.

The story highlighted a case of a woman raped by a guard, stated that guard-on-inmate rape is serious problem, mentioned juvenile rape in prisons, but never male rape.
The Justice Department's own studies suggest that more than 60,000 prisoners report sexual assaults each year. Another study found that 12 percent of juveniles in custody fall victim to rape. Too often, guards are the ones committing the crimes.
No where do the mention that most of those 60,000 are men, or that the number counted is probably a fraction of the actual numbers.

The story was done because a legislated deadline is approaching for reforms of the penal system with an eye to reducing rape. That law was passed several years ago. At that time the NYTimes did the opposite story. In theirs, they focused exclusively on the rape of male inmates.