All our children are above average

Starting this fall, Homestead will be joining a growing list of high schools across the nation deviating from the long-standing practice of including a student's class rank on his or her transcripts.

[...] Instead of providing universities and colleges with a rank, Homestead guidance personnel will supply other qualitative data, including grade-point averages, any college preparatory classes taken and standardized test scores.

Homestead joins two other North Shore high schools - Shorewood and Whitefish Bay - in ending class rank reporting. [...]

Proponents of instituting the change at Homestead said students might be inclined to take more challenging courses. There also was the argument that Homestead students were at a disadvantage during the college admissions process since the majority of the high school population excels, meaning a class rank might not adequately convey the students' successes.

Opponents, however, have argued elimination of class rank could shield students from the true competitive nature of life beyond Homestead. Others said eliminating the number does a disservice to those who truly are at the head of the class. [ From the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel ]
The parents live short distance from Homestead, I'm a graduate of Shorewood.

Just out of curiousity, I wonder about the gender breakdown of the top 10% at these schools these days. Of course, if you stop ranking kids, you stop noticing when things get out of whack.

I wonder how they will pick valedictorians? Or is that to anti-egalitarian for these folks?