Back from Vegas

We just spent some of the week in Vegas--with no gambling. We discovered that the Bellagio has a better buffet than Planet Hollywood, and it's a long walk from Mandalay Bay to Planet Hollywood, especially at 11pm with a tired 8 year old.

"The Lion King" is a very good show.

"O" by Cirque Du Soleil is amazing.'s not much fun to drive through the Mohave desert in a car without air conditioning--ours died just as we left Nevada for CA.


SteveBrooklineMA said...

Sounds like a memorable trip! I enjoyed Vegas the time I was there, though I think it has a slightly sleazy vibe.

We won $10 playing the cheapest video poker machines we could find. They won't soon forget the day we rolled into town! If I go again, I'd like to see Penn & Teller's show.

I saw Cirque in Boston once, and really liked it. I thought the jugglers were the best part.