Stupidity on the right

So, the guy who does the voice-over for the "fifteen minutes could save you 500 dollars on your car insurance" got fired. This happened because a bunch of "tea party" types got mad and flooded Geico with calls protesting his stupid call to Freedom Works.

Matt Kibbe of FW led the charge.

This strikes me as very stupid. For years we have complained about speech codes and discrimination against people on the right. Then the right goes ahead and does this???

It is legitimizing the idea that you can get fired for what you say off the job. Do you really think that this concept will hurt only liberals??

I don't give a &%$# what this guy left on a voicemail message. He doesn't deserve to lose his job over it, and the people calling for his dismissal are creeps.


SteveBrooklineMA said...

Well said, I agree.