How annoying are aspects of this year's census? Pretty damn annoying.

First, the deadline to send the form back in is now passed. I missed it, so the bureau will be sending someone to our door. Looking at the form now, I see that this deadline is not given anywhere. How idiotic is that? Vhat is zee point of having zee deadline, if zay don't tell zee people filling out zee form vhat zee deadline ist?

Second, the whole "race" section is offensive.

"Hispanic origins are not races," so that Mexican and Cuban are not separate races, but Chinese and Korean are separate races? How does that make sense? Why are Chinese/Korean separate, but Finnish/Macedonian are not? According to this form, my wife and I are separate races. What then is our daughter? There is no check box for "multi-racial."

Our daughter is a healthy mix of various ethnicities. I guess that doesn't count for anything, according to our government. The fact is that there is zero scientific basis for these questions, they exist only to advance divisive ethnic identity politics. Offensive indeed.

Ann says: I just did "Other" and wrote in American for everybody.