Government follies

There is a radio commercial running here on Southern California for a ballot initiative. It has a husband and wife discussing a coupon for reduced car insurance rates because, among other things, the wife is a good driver and has been continually insured for several years.

They celebrate the ability to use this coupon, then find out that according to the law, the coupon can only be used with their current insurer. Horrors! You mean we can't take this great coupon to another insurer! Why? Because there is a quirk in the law. Quick, let's pass a ballot initiative making it mandatory for all insurers to take the coupon!!!!

Every time I hear this ad, I am shocked with the underlying rationale. According to the way the ad plays, it is clear that there is a government mandate that your insurance company offer you a discount if you are accident-free and have been insured continuously.

Every time I hear the commercial asking for a ballot initiative to make this law more robust, I can't help screaming in my head: Why is this a law in the first place!!! Whether or not my insurance company offers me a discount is between me and them. If they don't, I am perfectly capable of hunting around for one that will. Why is the government even involved!!!

It's a perfect example of government overreach.