Still liking Penn

I'm still liking a lot of what I see from Penn Jillette, one of America's few libertarian celebrities. He tweets:
"CNN Larry King was hard. Trying to say what I felt, not bring a fatwa on my ass and not have 3 liberals beat me to death"

The transcript from CNN is here. In this case, he's right about South Park, and he right about the Tea Party people especially:
JILLETTE: I -- there's a lot I disagree with them on and I'm not really part of it. But I always think that a distrust of the government is the healthiest things Americans can have. I think that the country was built, the most American thing you can have is a distrust of leaders. Don't follow leaders, watch your parking meters.

JILLETTE: That's the magic word. Once you say racism, the other side loses automatically. And I don't think we have very much evidence that that's what it is. Don't they have to be doing racist things besides you just saying that they're racist?

etc. I really appreciate that he's out there making these and other points on CNN etc. Thanks Penn.