Who Said It?

I wish he were a candidate...
[he] ..has more confidence in government than I do. I have more
confidence in freedom — your freedom; your freedom to choose your child’s school, your freedom to choose the car or truck that’s right for you and your family, your freedom to spend or save your hard-earned money instead of having the government spend it for you. I’m not anti-government. I just don’t want any more government than we can afford. We don’t want government doing things it doesn’t know how to do or doing things the private sector does better or throwing more money at failed programs because that’s exactly what makes people
lose faith in government.

The conventional wisdom is that Small Government Republicans are a thing of the past. But if this character's philosophy is so popular, why don't we have such a candidate?


Jim Masterson said...

Arnie Vinick. But I never watched the "West Wing." I didn't like the "acting President."