Left Wing World View

Here is an insight into the mind of an Obama supporter. The subject is a housing bailout:

Even some voters who support a government rescue are uneasy about haste. "I don't think we can just stay hands-off," says Walt King, a mechanical engineer from Downers Grove, Ill. "The people who got sucked into this are not capable of making calculations about whether they could afford this." But Mr. King, 62, who says he is likely to vote for Sen. Barack Obama, is wary of a rushed political response. "I don't know what the answer is," he said. "The election year is not a year to pray for objectivity."

This guy is a mechanical engineer. I assume he doesn't consider himself stupid. He just believes other people are stupid and need to be cared for by Big Government. I feel all warm and fuzzy knowing there are good folks out there like Mr. King to look out for me and my wittle bwain.