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My big brother invited me to join in.


I have a political, news commentary blog on hiatus/technichal meltdown called Ann's Fuse Box, and I have a Blogger blog on educating young kids called Square Dots, so I'm an old pro at blogging.

For a start, here's my biggest puzzle of the year: Why does anyone vote for Obama? I can see voting against McCain (boy, can I see voting against McCain), and I can see why even a Democrat would vote against Hillary, but what gets people actually voting for Obama?

To me he is an overly-young man who has accomplished nothing in his life beyond graduating from a top law school and writing a couple premature autobiographies.

(Not that I have anything against premature autobiographies in general. I remember buying Kenneth Brannaugh's, which he wrote a very very long time ago, just after "Henry V". But in the preface he said he wrote it to raise money for a theater production and tour, and I wanted to show support--I later saw two of the productions, Midsummer and King Lear, and they were wonderful. During Midsummer, if I hadn't been sitting one-seat-in from the aisle, I would have been rolling in it.)

He's never been the primary writer of any major or minor piece of legislation. He walked into the Senate after what must have been one of the easiest elections in American history: his first opponent crashed and burned in a sex scandal and his second was the carpetbagging blowhard, Alan Keyes. He has never had a private law practice. He's never been a professor, associate professor, assistant professor, or assistant professor to the associate professor's younger cousin. He's never run a business, never run a non-profit, never run a state, never run a city, never run school board meeting, never run the marathon (though my brother has!), and never even run a pair of nylons.

His one impressive credential is running the Harvard Law Review, but even that falls apart under scrutiny: he never actually wrote anything for it. Not a single article.

His whole career can be summed up by listing all the things he hasn't done, and there's nothing on the other side of the ledger.

So why?

I don't get it.

But the upside is...I actually think, and have actually always thought, that McCain will win in November.

And so, as they say in Townsville: The day is saved.