Democratic Campaign

Consider two recent controversies in the Democratic presidential campaign. First, there is Sen. Clinton's mentioning of RFK's assassination. Have a look at this clip, long enough to get context:

So she's listing many Presidential races where the losing candidate is still running in June. Her list includes RFK, who was assissinated in June. This is what the Obama camp is outraged about? Give me a break. Again, Obama and his supporters seem to be going out of their way to be offended.

"Mr. Obama, I knew RFK. RFK was a friend of mine... Mr. Obama, you are no RFK." (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

The other controversy came after Obama said his uncle was involved in the liberation of Aushwitz:

Turns out it was Buchenwald, not Aushwitz, and it was his great-uncle. A non-trivial blunder, in my opinion. I would expect someone with Obama's education to know that Aushwitz was in Poland and was liberated by the Soviets. Still, I think the coverage by pundits on the blog-o-sphere and TV was beyond what was appropriate.