Take 100 Coyotes this Season

Waiting at my doctor's office today, I saw this magazine cover

I'm not anti-hunting. I don't see why killing an animal by shooting it is worse than whatever more "natural" way of death would otherwise occur. Species have been killing and consuming other species here on Earth for billions of years. In addition, I think that hunting is generally a positive force for conservation. Hunters care about the environment because they want to be able to continue hunting, and allow future generations to do the same.

However, I found this magazine cover disturbing. What sort of person finds it thrilling and adventurous to kill 100 coyotes in a season? Whatever sort, there are apparently enough of them out there to make Outdoor Life think they can sell magazines this way.

I don't think this is "sport," I think it is wrong. It reminds me of the buffalo and passenger pigeon hunts of the past.

Poking around the web, I found one other person out there who agrees with me.

Ann says: I like this line from your link:
The most common rejoinder given is, 'They're PREDATORS!" Well, we don't shoot attorneys, politicians or investment bankers, do we?