Bring back the hyphen!!

I'm a big believer in the hyphen for compound adjectives. The use of such a mark has fallen greatly, and it is a shame. It really is much easier to read, when an author uses proper punctuation. Take this quick, one-line (compound adjective! and even a comma between coordinate adjectives--Yay!!) entry from Glenn Reynolds:
Original: FASTER, PLEASE! Glaxo Open Sources Malaria Drug Search Data.
I found that confusing; because, the first time through, I read the verb as "open" and "sources" as a noun--that made the following five apparent-nouns a rather confusing jumble: sources malaria drug search data. Huh?

Wouldn't that have been easier to read and parse as:
Punctuated: FASTER, PLEASE! Glaxo Open-Sources Malaria-Drug Search Data.
Although, technically, the first of those is a verb, and depending on how you think of it, the second might be an adverb (is the noun "Search Data" or is the noun just "Data" with "Search" as another adjective? If the former, then it is a compound-adjective. If the latter, then it's an adverb.)