Flash Flood in Richland Creek

We got socked with rain this weekend. And how. My kindly neighbor told me he emptied his 5 inch rain gauge twice as of this morning, and that it was filled to the brim both times. It poured all day today as well. I've heard reports of 16 inches total around here.

We went out to lunch though, braving the elements. Our power was out for about 8 hours and we got hungry. Many roads were blocked, most freeways as well. We wended our way through some neighborhoods near us. The culverts were filled with rushing rapids. It was quite something to see.

Images from around town show the scale of the disaster. You can find many on the web. My friend flying in this morning (the airport was open!) saw it from the air and was amazed. Water everywhere.

There is a creek near us, Richland Creek. You can see it on this map, along the labels [C] (A) and [B]. It's just a small creek, you might barely notice it. But today it showed its ugly side. A flash flood rose up and raced through a nearby neighborhood. On the map, we are in the lower left corner. So it was pretty close. My friend and I drove to point [B]. We saw semi-tractor trailers strewn all over a parking lot, along with telephone poles strewn around like matchsticks. The poles had been stacked there for storage. My friend and I heard a loud hissing sound and smelled the telltale sign of leaking gas. Yipe! We got out of there fast, though many other looky-loos were busy taking photos.

The flood raced down the streets adjacent to the creek. Two people were killed at point (A). I am not certain of the details, but their bodies were found in their basement. I was sorry to hear about that. The saddest news of the day.

At point B the flood reached a shopping area on Charlotte Pike. Shops were flooded out and owners were stranded on their roofs.

All pretty scary. We will be watching the news for the next several days to see the effects. The weather ahead is good, so the worst is over.