This is just astonishing. In Britain, they are creating a mandatory registry of every child. To include: Name, ID#, sex, date of birth, address, parents' contact information, doctor's contact information, school contact information, and a record of any social service agency involved in the child's life. This "secure" database will be viewable by about half a million different people inside and outside of government.

And if that weren't bad enough: kids of politicians and celebrities are exempt from having all their details listed, just name, rank and serial number for them.

How can a country which once had the best thinkers on the necessity of limiting government power and on the power of liberty have fallen so far?

If you described a police state to me, I'd have a hard time defending the idea that Britain is not one. Cameras on every street corner, a disarmed populace, a growing DNA database extended well beyond convicted felons, tracking of everyone's children, and even spies who make sure you sorted your garbage properly into the 5 different bins that are required.