He's Shredded the Constitution!

Shredded I say! It seems to me this power grab by the Obama administration is unconstitutional:

The Capitol Hill publication Congressional Quarterly yesterday reported that the White House, responding to minority groups' concerns about Gregg's commitment to funding the census, has decided to have the director of the Census Bureau report directly to the White House.
Follow the link above for analysis from the legal perspective.

Does anybody remember President Clinton's attempt to play games with the last census? The idea back then was to use statistical methods to "correct" the count. I remember Eleanor (Gee I think your swell-anor!) Clift on the McLaughlin Group group backing the idea. She said something along the lines of "you just give the data to a statistics/computer nerd in a little room somewhere. He runs his program and gives you the corrected result!"

Well, speaking as one such, I can assure you that if you give the data to a dozen different nerds in a dozen different rooms, they will return with a dozen different results based on a dozen different computer models they feel are appropriate. Then what happens? The party in power chooses which one they like?

I bet that if the census is in fact run out of the White House we will see some similar shenanigans attempted. Forget statistical methods. Count the people. That's the only fair and constitutional way.

Ann says: Gee, I could have sworn that was supposed to be Eleanor "you smell-i-nor" Clift.