Hotel Ripoffs

What a rip-off "fancy" hotels are. It seems the more expensive the hotel, the more they try to nickel-and-dime you for every feature "lesser" hotels give you for free. Here at the Hyatt, we get one free breakfast, and internet access is $10 per day. Usually, we stay at places like Country Inn and Suites, where breakfast is free for all of us, as is internet access. It's also about 1/3 the price for a room.

Looking around the room here at the Hyatt, I'm wondering if it is really any better than Country Inn. Same yucky carpet, chairs and faux-finish desk. No fridge or safe like Country Inn. Maid hasn't been here yet and it's mid-afternoon. Loud air conditioner. Dirty dishes left in the hallway. Blah. I don't think a nice atrium is worth another $200 per night.

Even if I had enough money to stay at Hyatt whenever I wanted, I wonder if I would. Spending money is fine, if I'm getting something for it. But I don't like getting ripped off. Who does? Some people, it seems.


Anonymous said...

In a hotel in San Francisco. $15 a day for internet access and $50 a day for PARKING!