Still moving

Real Clear Politic's House preditions/poll section, has made 15 adjustments to their calculations since 9/28. Of those, only one goes towards the Democrats (VA5), and even that one is still in the "leans GOP" category--it's only dropped from "likely":

Also, today Rasmussen has the Senate tied at 48/48 with 4 toss-up races. Which means they still very much have the Senate in play. The toss-up states, according to Rasmussen, are: California, Illinois, Nevada, and Washington.

Right now, the momentum in the CA Governor's race is towards the Dem, Brown. But the momentum is the senate race, I think, is away from the Dem, Boxer. CA could easily send a Republican woman to the Senate (and by removing Boxer, would raise the IQ of that august body by about 100 points.)

Update: Mark Perry over at Carpe Diem notes that Intrade has a Democratic Senate now at less than 50% chance.