Hope the parachute opens

From Powerline:
I talked with a Republican Congressman a few days ago who told me that he expects the GOP to take the House, but doesn't think the election will be as much of a rout as it probably should be. The reason, he said, is that across the country, Democratic incumbents are sitting on huge piles of cash. He mentioned Oberstar and South Dakota's Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin as examples of incumbents who will be able to "carpet-bomb"--his term--their districts with ads during the campaign's last weeks. Republican fundraising has been good this year, but the concerned citizens who are contributing to Republican campaigns can't begin to match the mega-rich and special interest donors who are trying to stem the conservative tide by financing the Democrats.
If they control that cash...and if they know the Republicans are going to win the house...which means being a congressman just won't be as much fun...doesn't campaign finance law still allow them to walk off with the money? I know the law used to allow that, I'm not sure if it's been changed. If it hasn't been changed, these guys might prefer the golden parachute to another two years in office.