Mann the baracades

ClimateDepot currently has a bunch of links on Penn State's decision to continue its investigation into climatologist Michael Mann:

Alert: Penn State Committee Report: 'Further investigation is warranted' into Climategate Prof. Michael Mann -- Inquiry 'moves to next phase'

Read Penn State's full report: 'Inquiry Report: Concerning the Allegations of Research Misconduct Against Dr. Michael E. Mann'

Rep. Issa Praises: 'Penn State U. deserves credit for advancing a very serious investigation into corrupted science by someone who put a political agenda ahead of science'

AP: Penn St. Moving Forward With Michael Mann Probe: 'An inquiry report said an allegation of inappropriate faculty conduct in scientific discourse warrants further investigation'

As much as I'd like to see Michael Mann go down, the investigation into his climate research strikes me as misguided. The academic world is supposed to be an area of free enquiry, not intimidation-by-investigation. It seems to me that Mann was enthusiastic about his position, maybe domineering in preventing other voices from being heard, but those aren't academic offenses. I don't believe anyone is accusing him of falsifying data. Looking only for evidence that supports your claim and rejecting other data may be bad science, but it isn't an academic offense. Poor statistics and poor modeling, again, isn't an academic offense.

Academic disagreements should not result in investigations.