Prepped and ready

Things are almost ready for tomorrow. The ham was picked up on Monday morning. Tuesday was for making the cranberry bread. Today, the turkeys (2!) got picked up, 2 pumpkin pies were made, cranberry sauce is ready, rosemary fingerling potatoes just need heating up, the stuffing is cooked and ready for reheating, and finally, both turkeys are sitting in brine for the night.

Tomorrow, we need to make the gravy, get one turkey in the oven and the other on the rotisserie grill, reheat everything, possibly make wild rice, and we're done!

All of that food (including Bahamian beans and rice and a pie that others are bringing), and we are only going to have 7 adults and 4 kids! Yikes!

I think we'll have leftovers until 3 years from now.