Green idiocy

I was watching a home improvement show which just happened to be on the Planet Green cable channel. On came a commercial where Steve Thomas, former host of This Old House, said a truly idiotic thing.

The commercial was quick, but while he appeared to be looking at either a furnace or a water heater he said of the no-doubt magnificent heater: "And this really does have a measurable impact on global warming."

Measurable impact?! Those were his words. "Measurable impact." I burst out laughing.

Utter and complete scientific illiteracy being presented as profound scientific truth.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you really do have to wonder about the state of science education in this country.
My kid's school is currently building a 50,000sqft addition. They are selling this a "green" construction because there will be motion sensors on the lights and they are planning to have potted trees in the lobby to "help with air quality". The school sits one block from the 10 freeway in Los Angeles. How can you let something that stupid come out of your mouth?