I'm Not Crazy

Someone else remembers this

Guess I am going to show my age with this one. Does anyone remember the t.v. show "Zoom" on PBS? There was a small part of the show that gave kids projects they could do. One show had a set of Styrofoam shoes that were as long as the kid was tall. On the bottom of these were some cut up venetian blinds with the strap still in place. To walk on the water it was the same movement that is used with cross country skiers. When these devices were slid forward over the water the blinds collapsed and would open for traction.
It was so long ago I wondered if I really saw this on tv. But someone else remembers. Ergo I'm not crazy.

I think of this show segment now and then when the subject of over-protection of children and over-lawyering comes up. Here was a tv show telling kids how to make shoes that would allow them to walk out into the middle of a lake. No reason for concern there! What liability could there be?

Ann says: Zoom had a second life in the 1990's when it came back for a couple of years. Still was a good show.

Speaking of overprotection: on Fox this morning they wasted time on the Obama's new outdoor playset for the kids. The Fox blonde's comment was that there wasn't the requisite cushioning mulch on the ground, and that the White House set might be in violation of the law!

Good grief. In my grade school, the climbing bars were all on knee-ripping asphalt.