Vanity Faire Hitpiece

I am certainly no fan of Bill Clinton. I think a lot of Democrats were willfully blind to his problems for years, but now, finally, waking up to them.

That said, the much-talked-about Vanity Fair piece by Todd Purdum is a disgusting piece of bull.

There are almost no on-record, attributed quotes. A large portion of it is nothing but a guilt-by-association attack (Clinton associates with playboys, therefor...wink, wink!)

The worst part is the quasi-medical claim that Clinton is effectively suffering from arterial plaque-induced dementia. Basically, the claim is that since some of his coronary arteries were 90% blocked, it stands to reason that the ones in his brain are blocked too--they fixed the heart ones, but the ones in his brain are causing his strange behavior.

Clinton is right to say there is hardly a fact in the entire piece.

I'm not one to carry water for Bill Clinton, but this piece should never have been printed in a major magazine.

Vanity Fair should be ashamed of themselves for allowing a grudge and innuendo such a prominent place in their pages.