Fight the Smears

The Obama people have opened up a "Fight the Smears" website. Sounds like a nice idea, but it's been done before. The trouble with these things is that they quickly devolve into political positioning rather than clarifications. It won't be long before you see this sort of thing:

  • Lie: Obama's healthcare plan will result in healthcare shortages and increased costs.
  • Fact: Obama's plan calls for health care for every American at a savings of hundreds of billions of dollars per year.

  • Lie: Obama's plan to raise taxes will hinder economic growth and cost Americans jobs.
  • Fact: Obama's economic plan calls for tax fairness and economic opportunities for all Americans.

  • Lie: Obama's foreign policy will encourage our enemies and legitimize dictators.
  • Fact: Obama's plan calls for a strong and peaceful America.

You get the picture. Also, it seems that the site has already done its own job of smearing.

The first smear mentioned: "LIE: Rush Limbaugh says a tape exists of Michelle Obama using the word 'whitey' from the pulpit of Trinity United." Well. No. This is what Limbaugh said: "The rumor is -- and we don't like dealing with rumors here -- but the rumor is that Michelle Obama from the pulpit of this church used the term 'whitey.' Some are saying be very careful with this because she might have said 'why'd he,' why did he, the contraction 'why'd he' instead of 'whitey.' " He added: "I can't find anybody who's seen it."

Fight the Smears is not off to a good start.