John McCain

I don't like his policies. His demeanor disturbs me. Of course, I respect his service to his country during the Vietnam War. But that doesn't mean I want him as my President. Come November, voting for him will be a tough pill to swallow, and I'm seriously considering sitting it out. What is it that sticks in my craw? The usual conservative complaints:

  1. McCain-Feingold. Hands down the biggest assault on our first-amendment right to free speech in modern history. Not only that, but it's been an unqualified failure in terms of what it set out to do, i.e. limit the influence of big money in politics.
  2. McCain-Kennedy. Another potential disaster, narrowly avoided. Is it too much to ask that we favor the immigrants and H1-visa holders who are here legally over those who are not? Is it too much to ask that we have an immigration policy that is generally fair to nationals of all countries, giving them an equal chance to emmigrate to the US?
  3. The lastest potential disaster is McCain's support of a journalist shield law. I agree with Instapundit in his analysis. I find the whole idea disturbing.
  4. His support of a housing bailout.
  5. His yammering on about "excessive CEO pay." As if it is the role of a president or senator to decide how much a company chooses to pay its officers. Yeeesh!

Then there is McCain's nuttery (vaccines cause autism???), and reported temper problems.... the bottom line being that I just don't trust him. Without some sort of unifying philosophy, you really have no clue what he is going to do one issue to the next.