Food Riots

The push to use ethanol as a fuel in our cars has begun to have serious repercussions. Who didn't see this coming? The Environmentalists have framed the Global Warming situation is such life-and-death terms that we have forgotten the importance of a *real* threat to life, i.e. adequate food production. Now riots have sprung up around the globe as food shortages push up prices. The morality of (what amounts to) burning food in our cars escapes me. Did the Environmentalists really think the world would love us for burning less fossil fuels? Idiots.

In fairness, much of the blame here has to be put on agri-business lobbies and Senators and Congressmen from farm states. Shame on them, and on us for allowing it to happen.

I also put some blame on the community of economists. Just what are they good for anyway? Is it too much to ask that they point out what should be obvious to anyone with the slightest knowledge of economics?