Pet Peeve No. 0001 - Dad/Husband is an Idiot

The older I get, the more pet peeves I develop. Indeed, I am well on my way to becoming a cantankerous old coot. I think pet peeves have the potential to provide an endless supply of blog material. So here's one, numbered 0001, but not necessarily the most peeving.

Haven't we had enough of the "Dad/Husband is an Idiot" theme in commercials? Commercials having to do with health, home repair, or technology seem to be especially likely to run with this theme. Typically they show a wife and/or child getting things done despite lovable ol' dunderhead dad. There's one spot on now where Dad tells the family that 5x5 is 26.. "carry the one" he insists. Mom and kids know he's wrong of course. It's not that these are offensive per se, it's just that it's been done to death. Who is still amused by these? Enough already.


Anonymous said...

I am amused! :)