Global Warming Calculator - Part II

I have updated my Global Warming Calculator, described in an earlier post. Essentially, I have added a few more variables and tightened up the math a bit. I have also added some analysis at the bottom of the page. The bottom line is that the predicted 1C to 5C predicted increase in temperature doesn't seem to be out of line with the model. The model seems quite sensitive to changes in the input percentages. However, I wonder if natural variation in the parameters might overwhelm changes caused by human activity


Mike M. said...

Here, try this..

SteveBrooklineMA said...

Thanks Mike, I saw that item on Motl's blog but haven't read Schwartz's report. I think I'll give it a look now. I'm sure Schwartz's analysis is much more relevant to the real world than mine. I really don't have a good handle on how the percentages in my calculator should be varied, I just assume a point or two is not so much. Maybe it is a lot. I also have no lags built in, etc. Best Regards, Steve.