Tired. She gets tired.

Life imitates Dr Who "The Christmas Invasion" (2006) [ You Tube ] :

Doctor: I can bring down your government with a single word.

Harriet Jones (Prime Minister): You are the most remarkable man I've ever met, but I don't think you're quite capable of that.

Doctor: No, you're right. Not a single word...just six.

Harriet: I don't think so.

Doctor: Six words.

Harriet: Stop it!

Doctor: Six....
[Doctor walks over to her aide, takes off his earpiece and quietly into his ear... ]
Doctor: Don't you think she looks tired?
Today, in Hillaryland [ Politico ]:
"You know, Bill Clinton, he gets so much energy from the people at his rallies. When he’s working a rope line, you can just see him light up. You know, she’s tired. She gets tired. She does it. She does it dutifully." - Solis Doyle, former Hillary Clinton campaign manager.