Google is blocking search results (Update)

Update of a post from May 18, 2014.

In light of this post over on Watts Up With That: "Exclusive: Search Page for Realist Side of the Climate Change Debate", I thought I'd go back and update an earlier post...

I just redid a Google and Bing search I detailed a year ago again. The search was for "united states" "air polution" graph +improving, and the results I got from, Google were really out of whack with what I would have expected from a fair websearch. Bing did just fine..

Since then, it has only gotten worse. Here's the exact same Google search as a year ago. Now, instead of 6 results, 5 pull up; one of which is my own post from a year ago. And many of the rest are completely irrelevant, including one entitled "Next Big Future: Fully Automatic Sewing of Garments Using ..."

Bing, on the other had, now offers up 164,000 results, and the top ones are actually about air polution.


Previous post from 5/18/2014:

I can't see any other way of interpreting this than the fact that Google is obviously blocking search results in the pursuit of environmental regulations and politics.

Type the following into Bing's search form: "united states" "air pollution" graph +improving

and you get almost 64,000 results, including several links to the EPA and to Wikipedia:

Type the same thing into Google and you get 6 results, which are mostly junk: