Lucky boy

What a stupid article. Referring to the release of emails from Scott Walker's time as Milwaukee County Executive (the #1 post in the county), Politico says:

No crotch shots. No mistress in Argentina. And no political vendettas featuring a bridge.

Scott Walker is one lucky guy.

Lucky? The implication is that he was just lucky that he wasn't caught with all of the call girls, p*?n, and drugs that he was so obviously doing! That's what at least half the article deals with: look at all these pols brought down by their shenanigans with the ladies. Gosh! isn't Walker lucky he wasn't caught like that! They then go on to compare him to Christie's bridge scandal before finally dealing with the only thing that is really a problem in the emails, the racist comments made by his assistants. That's it, 19 paragraphs down, after saying it was too bad Walker wasn't like those other pols, they get to the only thing that is actually a problem with the emails.

If I were the editor...