Party power

A great quote that underpins the shifting bases of the Democrats and Republicans:

[I]t’s true that rich individuals can do a lot more to rig government policy in their favor than can poor individuals. The straightforward implication is that the more power the government has to pick winners and losers, the more power rich people will have relative to poor people. - Will Wilkinson

The Republicans used to represent the corporate establishment and businesses, but as more and more decisions are being made at the government, not company, level, those businesses have migrated toward the party of government: the Democrats. The Democrats, in turn, love the nice symbiosis between corporate and government power. They especially love to get the money that flows from businesses towards their party, and the nice way that the elite among the party can easily slip between government and corporate jobs.

As long as the above statement is true, Democrats are the party of business and of the rich.

Steve: You are spot-on. Crony capitalsim marches on.