Drudge does it again

Drudge is a master of perception, subtlety, and placement. From today:

Why so much security in India, Mr. President? Hmmm? Yes, there are some violent Hindu nationalists, but is that really why the Secret Service is going so crazy? Is that why you need 6,000 people to guard you? Or...might it be a different ethnic, political, or religious group that is the problem?


SteveBrooklineMA said...

Strange I seem to be seeing "regret" used a lot lately in cases where there is not a sense of remorse or guilt or "woulda-coulda-shoulda" for the person who is doing the regretting. Perhaps that's an acceptable use, but I can't really remember anyone using it that way until lately. If I say "I regret the attacks on Mumbai last year," doesn't that sound strange? Were they somehow my fault?

SteveBrooklineMA said...

So he's not suggesting that there are not violent Islamists about, especially in that part of the world. He's just saying it is unfortunate that they exist, and that they have a distorted view of their own religion.