Public Debt vs Vote for the O

I was reading this post by Chuck DeVore on Big Government:
According to Moody’s, the average state per capita debt of the 28 Obama states is $1,728 while the average debt in the 22 McCain states is less than half, at $749. This information alone says a lot about voters and their attitude towards government and debt. Voters with a propensity to elect politicians who burden future generations who can’t yet vote with huge debts voted for Obama while fiscally responsible voters generally voted for McCain.

And I thought I would do a scatter plot of each state's public debt versus its vote for Obama (click on image for bigger version):

It seems that while not all low-debt states were McCain states, all high-debt states were Obama states. And, the higher the debt, the greater the vote for Obama.


SteveBrooklineMA said...

Nice work! I think the figure should say "McCain Wins", not "McCain Loses."