Scott Brown for Senate

One regret about leaving Brookline MA this year: I won't be able to vote for Scott Brown. It looks like he might have a chance to win the open Senate seat, and it would have been great to cast a vote that mattered. I remember discussing with friends in Boston about the feeling of disenfranchisement that comes from not being ultra liberal in MA. You look down at the ballot and there is no one to vote for. The vast majority of elections involve liberal Democrats running unopposed.

I also remember telling friends I didn't think it healthy for any party to have such a lock on a state. The party with that power will become corrupt and take their power for granted. I think that was true in MA. So even if Brown wins I think there will be an up-side for my liberal friends back east. The Democrats will be shaken up a bit.

Wow, a letter from a person in Brookline appears in the Corner. I never thought I'd see that.